Ganpati Bappa morya, pudhachya varshi lavkar ya!

Ganesh Visarjan or Anant Chaturdashi Day

“Ganpati bappa morya, pudhchya varshi lavkar ya!” It’s a request done to the gods to revisit soon after today.

According to folklore, it is believed that way to Ganesha’s home is through water. Thus, Ten days after Ganesh chaturthi when devotees bring Ganesh idols at their homes as guest, they see off Ganesha to the nearest beaches.
And this day should not be missed at any cost. Why?
Cause Ganesha idols are most artistic form of god idols in Indian culture.
It was straight out photography day and I was also gifted with a very brilliant company. It ended as fun packed exciting day.

I think at least a quarter of Mumbai was on the beach today. A million people were walking on the road with us, when we were heading towards train station.
The Trains of Mumbai, who are impossible to step on to on normal days were surprisingly almost empty.
Today, we walked for an hour and were standing on the beach for four hours. After getting on to the train, i couldn’t feel my legs anymore. But the photographs and more over the experience of being there watching the huge idols disperse and all the joy of people around. Made it completely worth it.

P.s: this posting was drafted on 29th and posted on 30th. Simply, I dozed off. I guess my body calculated that selecting, resizing and uploading images can take forever.


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